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NARÓD. Zachodnia fantazja.

Wydany: 31.05.2020

NATION, osadzone w fikcyjnej wersji USA w 1902 roku, śledzi wydarzenia Raya McCarthy'ego, uciekającego spod prawa od zakończenia amerykańskiej wojny domowej. Jego imię było związane z najbardziej ohydnymi zbrodniami i historiami z dziesięcioleci w wielu stanach.
Kiedy Ray zostaje odkryty i zaproszony do Białego Domu przez pełniącego obowiązki prezydenta Theodore'a Roosevelta, Ray musi wszystko położyć, choć brzmi to szalenie, prezydent jest gotów wysłuchać, podobnie jak jego administracja.

NATION to western zmieszany z elementami fantasy, połączony w historycznym otoczeniu, to powieść, która łączy w sobie wyobraźnię magii fantasy zmieszaną z prawdziwą historią Stanów Zjednoczonych w okresie stania się supermocarstwem, jakim jest dzisiaj.
NATION to dopiero początek, początek czegoś więcej.



RELEASED: 29/01/2021

After a school reunion turns sour, three best friends now take their school memories into their own hands. But as they trail deeper into the childhood woods of their small rural Alaskan town they discover something that shakes them to their core and they wished the stories their parents told them about it was true.


I started reading one evening and had to finish the book the same night. A very exciting read, not what I had expected but in an enthralling way. I will be waiting with anticipation for the next installment. Worth a read.

verified Purchase Review On AMazon.


RELEASED: 20/10/2021


Rhode Park was like any other prison. But former inmate, Jim Ridge, knew the true horror was inside the empty cells. Upon hearing that the prison he spent his young adult years in is set to be demolished, Jim must step back inside to save the souls of his inmate circle of friends. That is only priority one though, as Jim must also break the prison curse to stop its most vile inmate; Francis McCready from roaming the earth once again. Having seen the violence up close and in person, Jim fears what the dead will do in a prison break.


Five Stars! 
Author George A. Thorn delicately creates a world through use of clever detail, intricate dialogue, and real characters. Before you know it, you feel as if you are inside the walls of Rhode Park! The Visiting Hour is the spectacular tale of a man who has turned his life around, but must return to confront his past and face his demons - literally and figuratively.
The Visiting Hour is a haunting tale that will have you on the edge of your seat and sleeping with the light on. Once you start reading, you won't be able to put it down.
George A. Thorn makes a spectacular splash in the world of horror with this incredible and suspenseful work filled with the haunting monsters that dwell behind prison walls, living and dead. 
Add The Visiting Hour to your shelf this Halloween season! - The Lost Chapter, LLC

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Discount Documentaries is a series of those homemade VHS styled projects you forgot you did as a kid. The Thornwood Video store will take in anything, but please remember to rewind the tape when you're done.


In the run up to the release The Visiting Hour, George A. Thorn had two interviews on 93.7 Express FM Portsmouth. This sit down interview was the first time the author had a interview about his work.


In the midst of a global pandemic, George and his friends wanted to make a short film. A star wars fan film. Filmed with correct procedures at the time, the crew created the story of a small band of jedi hiding from the empire. That is until the day the two eldest jedi's youngest member has had enough and demands action.


When one reporter follows down the rabbit hole of the internet's newest boogeyman, she soon realises that this could be something more sinister than expected. 


Walter Welcomes you to his own storytelling  experience. The mysterious Jack Walter entices you into his domain and takes you through chilling tales that make your spine tingle. Listen closely though, Walter has something hiding in the walls that surround him.

On the thornwood youtube/rumble channels, you'll discover that I like to create a good film as a side project. Be that a documentary or a full short film, I like to do these in my spare time and my channel is also used to showcase my book content and any media relating to them, be it reviews or TV/Radio apperances.

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